About the Company ~ B.L. Haymond Supply


B.L. Haymond Supply produces and distributes materials for the restoration and conservation of oil paintings, paper-borne art, and antique picture frames. This company is unique in that it supplies conservators with products derived from formulae that were developed through many years of private scientific experimental research. Until now, the primary distribution has been restricted to those who studied directly under the developer himself. Since his passing, the owner of B.L. Haymond Supply felt it only fair to begin lifting the restriction and allowing those interested in the art of conservation to benefit from these rare formulae not available elsewhere.



About the Owner ~ Barbara Wesdorf


Barbara Wesdorf, the company's owner, has been providing high quality products for over the past two decades to those select few around the world that had an opportunity to study under the director of the Academy of Professional Art Conservation and Science, Professor William F. Haney, II. Mrs. Wesdorf majored in chemistry while attending Mt. Royal College in Alberta, Canada and the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She was closely associated with the experimental projects that led to the designing of these formulae, and is therefore very familiar with the intended use of the products.



About the Developer ~ Professor William F. Haney, II


Professor William F. Haney, II spent over 30 years of his life experimenting with different combinations of chemicals and other materials in order to produce a line of art conservation products that performed over and above those available. He taught his restoration techniques to students from all around the world including China, Australia, Canada, and the US. Before his passing he wrote two books of instruction, the Handbook of Oil Painting Conservation and the Handbook of Paper Art Conservation, in order to provide the conservator information about his techniques and how to make the best use of the formulae he developed. For those who are interested in furthering their knowledge of conservation through the use of these products, two-day workshops are being offered in order to provide instruction for the proper use of these chemical formulae, including hands-on demonstration. B.L. Haymond Supply engaged Ms. Adele F. Pruitt, one of Professor Haney's most qualified restorers to conduct these workshops during which the basic principles of oil painting conservation are demonstrated as well as the proper use of the products. Ms. Pruitt has been a senior conservator, framer, and artist for over 35 years.





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